Year 2018

Project Type Branding & Web Design

Client Personal

Creative Fields Branding, Web Design

After a recent visit to London, I went past the Bush Theatre and had the chance to see their new rebrand and identity from 2017. Once I had seen the branding and got to know the theatre, I decided that the branding was not right for the theatre and felt it could do with being redone once again to match what the theatre stands for and positions itself within the theatre world. 
The Bush Theatre is a small intimate venue with a limited amount of seating. The audience is less than two feet away from the front of the stage, giving the audience a close relationship with the production. The venue is so small that the back wall of the stage is the backdrop, with no space for wings or backstage space. 
Because of the intimate setting for the venue, I wanted the branding and the logo to reflect this to give the audience a sense of welcoming and familiarity. 
The colours I chose to design with were primarily black and white. This reflected the modern feel for the productions that the Bush produces and puts on but also reflects the contrast between the darkness of backstage and the bright lights on stage. The white allows the typography to stand out as if it was lit by stage lights and made the website easy to navigate. The images needed to be easily seen in the middle of the webpage/poster to allow it to stand out from the black background but to also reflect the close intimate feel of the venue. The brightness and contrast of the images allows them to feel like the stage within the boundaries of the website/poster. Other colours that are used throughout the branding and website are taken from the images that are part of that section.
To me, this rebrand added a cleaner, bolder and fresher feel to the company and allowed the theatre to feel fresh and relevant in the modern era, competing with all of the other recently rebranded theatre companies. (All photos used on this page are courtesy of the respectful theatre companies, I do not own the rights)