Year 2018

Project Type Branding & Web Design

Client Off The Cuff Theatre

Creative Fields Branding, Web Design

Off The Cuff Theatre was formed in 2016 in direct response to the lack of creative opportunities for people that were new to the industry, stopping them from getting their foot in the door. The work that focuses on is created by unpublished playwrights and creatives rather than putting on a show that any other theatre company could put on. 


I was asked by Off The Cuff to come up with a new brand which reflected the modern way that they create a show and work with new writers, actors and talent to create new shows. They wanted a brand which was slightly quirky and had its own personality, allowing the brand to stand out with the audience and against every other theatre company.

They asked me for a brand which had potential to be able to be modified for each and every use as each show would be different and have its own theme and style, giving me a task to create something that is quirky in itself but to also allows it to blend in when other elements needed to stand out.

The identity has rhythm and energy, emphasising the quirk of the work that they produce through the use of creative staging, directing and the origins of the scripts using. 

I was asked to create a range of physical and digital elements that would form the entire brand.

This page includes elements from the core brand of OTC, but also includes elements from various advertising campaigns used for each production to show how the brand was implemented across the brand as a whole. These elements can be found within "Four Completely Unrated Plays" and "Four MORE Completely Unrelated Plays" on the work page.