Off The Cuff came to me in 2018 for the advertising campaign for their first production of their new format. The show featured four shows which were completely separate from each other, hence the same of the production. Because of this, they wanted a campaign that celebrated each show as its own entity, but then showcased the whole production. 

I was commissioned to create the advertising campaign in a way to create intrigue for the show, allowing people to want to know more. For this, I used images of an item which is used within each of the plays, an object that is so obscure to begin with, but once people had seen the show, it would make more sense as to its significance. 

For this production, I was asked to create the poster, flyer, social media advertising and website page for the production as a whole and a page for each of the shows.

Year 2018

Project Type Marketing, Branding

Client Off The Cuff Theatre

Creative Fields Branding, Creative Advertising