Year 2019

Project Type Branding, Web Design

Client Personal Project

Creative Fields Branding, Web Design

Through my spare time, I wanted to create a branding project for my love of indoor plants. I wanted to challenge myself to create a brand for a plant shop here in Leeds. 

I wanted to create a brand which had a sense of sophistication and luxury to mirror the products that the shop would sell, which include exotic indoor plants and accessories such as pots and planters. 

The colour scheme for the brand was designed in a way that the colours could be switched and altered as the "client" sees fit. The use of four colours allows the client to refresh the brand and swap the colours to reflect either the seasons or to swap them when they feel they need a refresh. 

The brand elements included things such as business cards, loyalty cards and care sheets which come with each plant to allow the customer to know how to look after the plant. Trying to keep as much of the branding materials in the real world rather than digitally allows the client and the customers to have a more tactile connection and allow the word of mouth to be the strongest form of advertising for a small independent company.  I created a website and a social media presence to allow the client to gain a following online and to allow people to gain more information about the plants they have bought. The social media presence was created to be centred around the greenhouse and the origins of the plants to allow the customers to see the plants throughout the growing process, to allow them to feel more of a connection to the plants they buy.

Ficcus website.png
ficcus careshet.png
Ficcus insta.png

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