For their 2019 production, Four MORE Completely Unrelated Plays, Off The Cuff came to me wanting an advertising campaign that would advertise the second production in the series. They wanted something that resembled the last design I created, but to have its own stamp and impact. 

To do this, I used the same method of halftone on the images and the use of the base colour for the campaign in the background. To make it different from the last project, I used black and pink to allow the campaign to stand out and be impactful against the other posters at the theatre. This also allowed me to make the posters simple and impactful purely because of the colours used on the images, background and the text. 

This campaign was used throughout the print materials including posters and flyers, website pages and all of the promotional materials on social media and on the theatres' website. 

Year 2019

Project Type Marketing, Branding

Client Off The Cuff Theatre

Creative Fields Brand Identity, Creative Advertising