Year 2018- Present

Project Type Brand Identity & Web Design

Client Luck Duck Digital

Creative Fields Brand Identity, Web Design, Illustration

When Starting with Lucky Duck digital, my first task was to refresh the brand for the company. The brand had been designed the year before but needed refreshing to mirror the new ethos and path forward for the work that the company creates. 

When looking at the brand for a tech company, I wanted to create a brand that allowed people to get an understanding of what the company did, but without the jargon. To do this, the brand was based around a set of illustrations which would highlight what Lucky Duck did within the world of web design, but with a real-world twist. To do this, I created a design system which allowed me to create illustrations which had a tactile twist to them, to remove the gap between the client and the company itself. this meant using puns and wordplay within the illustrations to break down the barrier, for example, building a mobile website in the real world using people and a crane, instead of developing and programming. 

The brand refresh also included a different approach to typography and colours, using a modern approach to make sure the brand was current and could feel approachable by all. Using a limited brand of black, white, pink and blue, the brand has a modern, lighthearted feel with a playful twist. 

Along with the brand refresh and illustrations, I helped with the art direction of many elements including notebooks, business cards, the company website and social media platforms and their tone of voice towards potential clients. 

sam Buisness card.png
Niall Buisness card.png
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