Year 2019-2020

Project Type Web Design

Client Agent Software 

Creative Fields Branding, Web Design

Additional Mention Lucky Duck Digital

Off The Cuff Theatre was formed in 2016 in direct response to the lack of creative opportunities for people that were new to the theatre industry, focusing on work created by unpublished playwrights and creatives which the professional theatre industry would normally overlook.


I was asked to create an identity which reflected the modern approach to theatre. The brand needed to have a quirk and playfulness to it, allowing it to stand out from the rest of the theatre companies out there. 

They asked me for a brand which had potential to be able to be modified for each and every use as each show would be different and have its own theme and style, giving me a task to create something that is quirky in itself but to also allowed it to blend in when other elements on the advertising materials to stand out for itself. 

The identity which was created has a sense of playfulness to it, allowing the brand to have a sense of fun and stand out for itself.