Year 2019

Project Type Branding & Web Design

Client Personal

Creative Fields Branding, Web Design

The cloakroom is a project I started early 2019 after coming across an empty nightclub in Leeds and wondered what it would take to brand a nightclub chain which allowed a different experience to the nightlife scene.

For this project, I wanted to create something that felt more down to earth, more than most of the which are out there which make their bars really sparkly and shiny, giving people the feeling that they can don't feel welcome in that space. The Cloakroom is a series of bars with a performance areas which hosts a different range of events within its spaces. 

Each of the locations has its own style within the brand to make the feel like they are their own entity with its own personality, whilst feeling like it is still part of a chain. 

The style of design for the brand was created to allow the brand to feel like it had an underground vibe, hidden from mainstream society and only known by a select few. The design of the branding is to stand out enough to let people know that it is there but hidden enough that the posters blend in with the rest of them on the street.