Year 2018-2019

Project Type Branding & App Design

Client TLNT

Creative Fields Brand Identity, Web Design, App Design

In 2018 I was approached to help establish a brand Called TLNT. 

TLNT is an app that invites the users to submit music videos and to vote on other people's talent. The original concept was Britain's Got Talent meets Tinder. The app allows people to vote for new and up and coming singers and musicians to help scout the next generation of musical talent. The players would get to hear 1 minute of a track and be able to vote on whether they like it or not by swiping left or right. With promises of career enhancement and cash prizes toward record deals, TLNT was offering people a chance to kickstart their musical careers. 

Along with the app itself, I was asked to create a brand that would be inviting for the users but also engaging enough that it would stand out in the real world against other apps on the market. Because the concept was of the app was so different from anything out on the market, I had more room to create a brand that would be abstract and stand out from anything else on the market. 

The tone of the voice for the brand and the app itself was punchy and unashamed to be what it was, allowing the users of the app to do exactly the same. The entire brand for the app was centered around the idea of the user being in the middle of a stage, with the rest of the users looking in. To do this, heavy use of contrast between the dark and bright colours gave the sense that the user was in a spotlight on the stage and the rest of the space was dark. 

The brand needed to stand out and be eyecatching but also appeal to a wide range of ages, from 13+ performers and voters to industry professionals and professional singers/musicians. To be able to stand out to this wide range of people, the brand took on its own stance and stood out for its own personality rather than trying to fit in with a certain group of people, making it inclusive for all. 

TLNT Big Idea.png


When working on the brand for the app,  the concept was to create something that stood out from every other brand on the market, a brand that wasn't ashamed to be individual. The entire brand needed to have the story of the performer being at the center of attention. To do this, most of the brand was based on black to make the orange and the pink to stand out, like spotlights on a stage. 

When developing the brand, the development of the logo led to the use of a ring around the wordmark, like a circle highlighting someone's favorite performer, enhancing the voting element of the app. When doing this, the idea of using a 3D slimelike shapes formed from the ring on the logo. This became a main feature of the identity, giving the brand a sense of abstraction and intrigue to people that see it either on the App Store or in the real world.


The use of the pink and orange came to the brand early on, two high contrast colours which would work well against the black, but also work against each other, making one colour belong to the TLNT and the other to the voters. This was a key concept that was born at the beginning of the project. The use of the colours within the abstract shapes allows both colours to be seen as different, but also show a harmony between the performers and voters. ​ 

The resulting brand was energetic and abstract, with a deep reflection for the performer and the process of voting. The punchy and unapologetic stance is rooted throughout the brand, a design that is not ashamed to be itself and a breath of fresh air from everything else out in the real world. 

TLNT Brand Colours.png

With the help of the client, we spent many weeks working through the app, working out what screens and functionality would be needed to make the product work for the user. From an intuitive onboarding to a fun and engaging voting system, the app design had everything a user would need to be able to upload their own videos, vote on other peoples, track their progress and engage with other performers and winners. Users were able to curate their own space and make a profile they would be proud of, showing off their personality through their performance videos, integration of social media channels, and the chance to personalise their profile with images and content for their fans.  


tlnt spread.png

A huge part of the app was the chance to gain achievements and track your progress whilst voting for other people and submitting your own videos. To do this, a badge collection was created to allow people to identify their personality on what type of voter they were and how they used the app. 

For this, a collection of 30 badges were created to identify the different traits of the users, for example, Night Owl for someone who uses the app at night and Harsh Critic for people who voted really harshly. Each of these badges had different levels the user could achieve throughout the use of the app with different coloured badges, from bronze to platinum, right through to the classic TLNT pink and orange. 


TLNT Bagde Colours.png
Prem 3.png
Prem 1.png
Prem 2.png

As well as working on the design for the app itself, I also was tasked with creating the full brand for the app to allow the advertising of the app not only on the App Store but also in the real world. 

Creating both digital and printed matter for the brand, I created an identity which would be recognisable out on the street. Creating everything from digital posters to billboard, from business cards to social media posts, the brand for TLNT was built up to stand out from everything else on the market for digital entertainment products. The abstract style of the brand gave a sense of intrigue which elevated the product and the engagement of the app and the brand itself. 


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