Year 2017-2018

Project Type Brand Identity & Web App Design

Client WIRL

Creative Fields Brand Identity, Web & App Design

Additional Mention Lucky Duck Digital

WIRL is a gifting app which allows people to scrapbook gifts, experiences and things they would like to receive as gifts from people. The app needs to be engaging to all ages and allows people from 13-30 to be able to use the app to save products, and people older than this to be able to navigate the app to view saved products and head to the shops’ website. The brand must also be easy to understand and engaging to as many people as possible with a feel of energy and fun.

When designing the brand for WIRL, the client wanted to have a brand which was fun and energetic, giving a sense of positivity and forward motion. They wanted a bright and colourful brand which would stand out when the marketing materials were online and out on the street. The challenge of this project was to create a brand that would engage people from 13+ right up to the age of 30, so ageless and genderless design was essential. The other challenge was to create brand that would not put people off that are of the older generations such as parents and grandparents as they use the app to see what products have been saved. This made it a challenge as it needed to engage an age range of about 50 years. To do this, we used bright colours on the branding, but have slightly toned down colours which would be used on the other parts of the site and brand.

The outcome to this project was a brand which was playful, fun and forward thinking. The brand was eye-catching and attracted many people of all ages to use the app and engage with the brand and its assets. The brand consisted of marketing materials such as business cards, leaflets, billboard designs and much more. Lucky Duck and I also designed the marketing website for the app along with both the desktop and mobile app design and development.


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